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Question 1

Please select any issues from the list below that you have experienced online

The answers you gave were:

  • There's no clearly visible email address to use as a contact option.
  • Websites or apps are difficult to navigate.
  • Lack of, or poor quality, subtitles.
  • Other (add an issue not mentioned here in the box below)

Follow Up

Text not being formatted properly, so it's really difficult to read is one I encounter a lot. Same with busy website designs.

Question 2

How often are you unable to complete a task online?

The answers you gave were:

  • Some of the time

Follow Up

There have been times that I've been unable to use a website, because the text is difficult to read or the navigation is super complicated.

Question 3

As a disabled person, or someone experiencing an impairment, what is the most frustrating thing about using the internet?

The answers you gave were:

As someone who has ADHD, many parts of the internet, especially ADHD, are specifically built in a way that plays on things that can cause major difficult. It means that I am prone to internet addiction, sleep deprivation and impulse spending.

Question 4

How does it make you feel when you cannot complete a task online?

The answers you gave were:

Frustrated and tired.