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  • Do you have any feedback about this site or the Big Hack generally? theonly tricky thing was trying to search for and add the companies in the search box on this questionnaire. View comment
  • Websites and apps are generally getting more accessible and easier to use. Can you give any examples of websites and apps getting either easier or more difficult? The Tesco app changed the way you add individual vegetables so that once you have swiped up to or 3 times for example it then only tells you the weight not the physical number of items you are ordering when you look back to review. I have flagged this with them. Searching for items has improved however. Twitter keeps changing and certain functions are more difficult such as locating and clicking on links sometimes and being able to read comments under tweets. I use the lists function now and find that I can only add to my list using my old phone with the old operating system as the new one has bugs. I have stopped using Facebook because I find it so inaccessible, posting on it is so tricky and searching is so frustrating but I believe that is the same for sighted people. I have not even attempted Instagram because I hear so many bad things about accessibility there. View comment
  • I would lose trust in a company if I was unable to use their website or app Are there any specific examples you can give us? Channel 4 do not offer audio description on their catch up app. I switched from the Sainsbury’s app to the Tesco app in order to do my online weekly shopping due to inaccessibility. View comment
  • Are there any websites you find particularly easy to use? Please add all that apply below. Are there any websites you find particularly easy to use? Please add all that apply below. IPlayer is particularly easy for finding TV shows, and Netflix has a lot more audio description now. My iPhone has been essential for me to be able to access websites quickly and on the go. Jaws software on my laptop allows me to do a lot more on the Internet than ever before. View comment
  • How does it make you feel when you cannot complete a task online? It is frustrating not to be able to be independent and have to wait for somebody cited to help me. View comment
  • As a disabled person, or someone experiencing an impairment, what is the most frustrating thing about using the internet? Getting halfway through an order for it to time out, focus on websites jumping on my iPhone. non described images that are named as ridiculously long numbers View comment
  • How often are you unable to complete a task online? Can you give any specific examples? A recent form for a research project where the edit box was an accessible on my iPhone, the Word document was hard to navigate using jaws and I finally got it to work on my old iPhone with the previous operating system. Information sent from my school as a poster as PDF, totally inaccessible. School website inaccessible for me to look up the weekly spellings to practice with my son. View comment
  • Please select any issues from the list below that you have experienced online Can you give any specific examples or another issue not mentioned above? Some problems with staff including taxi drivers and health professionals asking intrusive questions about my situation. Including people telling me what they would do if they lost their site and how easy would be for them or how hard et cetera. This is really unnecessary. Broken doors and accessible toilets broken lifts that don’t get fixed. restaurants with toilets upstairs. View comment
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